An Elder at the Gate

In ancient times, the city gate was where people often met to gather the latest news, for wise counsel, and even for judicial decisions. Those who were no longer able to go off to the fields, to their shops or to the marketplace to work, spent much of their time sitting at the gates of the city. They took their places as other generations of elders before them had--to serve their purpose at the end of life sharing what life's experiences had taught them. Without city gates, perhaps we have lost something, for where do we go for wisdom now? Google it? Facebook friends? I’m afraid we do. It was not always so.  We live in an age where the generations have perhaps never been so disconnected from the God-given spiritual DNA of the need for human connection, old to young--young to old. Now in my seventies, I am encouraging myself and my generation to understand how and why to take their places at the gates of our day. It is my contention we have no idea how much we are needed. For the sake of the up and coming iGen and Millennials, as well as for the Kingdom of God, I am encouraging those who are elder to find someone who is younger; for those who are younger find someone with grey hair, or perhaps none. Then, the two of you go for a walk, sit on a park bench, or maybe grab a cup of coffee. Get started. My guess is you'll find a ready ear--on both parts. That's because it's the way it's supposed to be.